Summer school Wisla 18

Summer school Wisla 18: Nonlinear PDEs, their geometry, and applications

Wisła, Poland
August 20 – August 30, 2018

The topic of the forthcoming school:
Nonlinear PDEs, their geometry,  and applications

The goal of the forthcoming school is to present recent results in the theory of nonlinear PDEs, their geometry, and applications. The coursers will stress a role of geometrical methods and especially methods of contact geometry to study nonlinear PDEs and methods of their integrability. Various methods of finding and using symmetries and conservation laws will be presented. Especially the following topics will be emphasized: methods of integrability and finding smooth and singular solutions (shock waves). All these methods will be illustrated by applications to fluid mechanics, field and quantum theory, etc.

The speakers will be:

• Alexey Kushner (Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russian Academy of Sciences) Geometry of Monge-Ampere equations with Maple
• Valentin Lychagin (Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia, University of Tromsø, Norway) Contact Geometry and measurements
• Ian Roulstone (University of Surrey, UK) and Martin Wolf (University of Surrey, UK) Higher Geometry and Non-linear PDEs
• Volodya Rubtsov (University of Angers, France) Geometric structures associated  with Monge-Ampere operators
• Sergey Tychkov (Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia)  Symbolic computations in differential geometry with Maple

Materials of the school will be published by Springer Nature.
The school will provide young researchers an opportunity to interact with their colleagues and well-known researchers in the field 
– each participant could make a talk about recent research or present a poster. 
– each participant will get an independent and constructive feedback on her/his current research and future research directions. 
– a decision about including participantwork to the book will be made based on experts feedback. 
– each participant will also be given an opportunity to improve her/his work during the school.

Organizing Committee: A. Barszcz, R. Kycia, P.Kowalski, J.Szmit, R.Szymczyk, M.Ulan
The Organizing Committee can be contacted for any question and suggestion via the e-mail address: